With all of the morning after analysis focused on Labour, little attention seems to be paid to the Conservatives suffering the biggest vote slump – 22.8%. Senior Tory figures have tried to brush this off as the effect of being in government, but that ignores the anti-immigration campaign of their candidate, shown in the above leaflet distributed to prominently white areas of the constituency.

Presumably the Tories thought that they could stoke racial tensions without Bradford’s ethnic minorities noticing.

Meanwhile George Galloway’s election literature shows a clear strategy of branding himself as the “real” Labour man.


  1. This has nothing to do with immigration as you can see UKIP’s share went up. Tories had a terrible week and are hated in Bradford. Gorgeous George just gave the people of Bradford a better option.

  2. “Tories lost 9,892 votes, Labour lost 10,260 votes.”

    Well, yes, when turnout goes down, the larger the party’s previous vote, the more votes they’re likely to ‘lose’.

    Another way of looking at it: Labour lost 55% of its vote. The Tories lost 78% of theirs.

  3. I see Paul Staines is in the house. I notice he has been pretty quiet lately, being caught swearing on camera.

    It is a shame never did get around to apologising to the woman, who was knock over by his entourage.

    Then again manners have never been Paul’s strong attribute.

  4. Having to put the ballot paper number on your leaflets tells you all you need to know about the failure of multi-culturalism.

  5. Richard, every active party and candidate has done that in every election for years. Nothing to do with multiculturalism.

  6. “Then again manners have never been Paul’s strong attribute” That’s because he’s a arse licking twat… and Cameron STILL hasn’t offered him an A list safe seat, what a shame, eh?

    That said, this result SUCKS for Labour, they took the voters for granted and had their hubris inserted somewhere painful….. they are amateurs who think they’re professionals, they need to stop wanking off to their West Wing DVDs and start doing some hard foot slogging.

  7. Well, what a tragedy, the same Labour party that pioneered 20 BILLION in NHS cuts got completely fucked in Bradford. It’s been all over TV news that Galloway campaigned on “one issue” – allegedly opposition to war in Iran, when Galloway’s leaflets above talk about the NHS, tuition fees, the EMA, job creation, Afghanistan, but don’t even mention Iran, proving the broadcast media have been lying through their teeth yet again. Give or take a few percentage points Labour did appallingly as did the Tories and Lib-Dems – reason being that Labour ARE appalling. The political establishment of ALL major parties has ordinary people over a barrel and they all got what they deserved this week.

  8. For God’s sake. The Tories ran a standard biraderi politician in the 2010 General Election. This time round they ran a white woman. Not the sort of thing that attracts the “big men” in the mosques. The vote was always going to go down, regardless of being in Government.

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