It’s no secret that both Boris and Ken have had their run-ins with the Cathy Newman’s Factcheck blog. But neither had crossed the line into the lowest scoring fiction zone … until Channel 4 News turned their eyes upon his 9-point manifesto.

On his second pledge, “Putting £445 back in your pocket by freezing the Mayoral share of council tax”, the Boris campaign have been caught, erm, making stuff up.

Scrapbook has previously rubbished Boris’ council tax cutting as enough for Londoners buy one onion a month. But their £445 is based on predictions from Lynton Crosby’s crystal ball — their assumption that, had he not lost in 2008, Ken would have continued to raise the precept in the face of squeezed living standards and in opposition to his own Labour group on the Assembly.

Newman says:

“The actual cash saving this year is nothing like £445. It’s £3.10, barely enough to buy you a pint of beer in a central London pub.”

Well, £441.90 isn’t too far out, eh Boris?

  1. Siôn Eurfyl Jones says:

    Where can I get a pint of beer in London for 3,10? It costs more than that in Swansea!

  2. BJ has frankly nothing to offer to Londoners. He’s also probably the furthest thing from an ordinary Londoner himself, I don’t think he understands this city at all. This 9 point manifesto is literally 9 different ways to grasp at straws.

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