[update time=”15:23″ text=”The account was started on 8 May 2008 — four days after Boris became mayor and was renamed to @MayorOfLondon on 7 January 2009.” id=”update1″]

Boris Johnson has hijacked the official @MayorOfLondon Twitter account for his election campaign. The account has largely maintained at taxpayers’ expense, with updates provided by his City Hall communications team. As Liberal Conspiracy point out, Boris has gained 250,000 followers in one fell swoop.

Labour’s leader on the GLA has now complained to the monitoring officer, which refers it to the District Auditor:

Dear Ed,

I am concerned that officers of the GLA have migrated the Mayor of London’s Twitter account to the BackBoris2012 campaign site.

My understanding is that this twitter account was established by the Authority and belongs to the Office of the Mayor of London, and has been maintained since its inception by GLA resources. As such, this account does not belong to the current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Can you quickly establish the facts and intervene on this abuse and misuse of resources in undertaking this transfer.

If it is found this is a personal account, it has featured on a number of GLA and mayoral publications and I would expect the organisation to be reimbursed the full sum that have been spent on this personal and political campaigning.

Can you outline in writing what steps you intend to take to rectify this as a matter of urgency

I am copying this to Jeff Jacobs and the District Auditor.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Len Duvall AM


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