Scottish Cardinal and leading bigot Keith O’Brien took to the airwaves this morning, attempting to defend his Sunday Telegraph op-ed in which he described gay marriage as “grotesque” and “shaming the country”, comparing such unions with, erm, slavery:

Imagine for a moment that the Government had decided to legalise slavery but assured us that “no one will be forced to keep a slave”.

Suggesting that the language used was “inflammatory”, the Today Programme’s John Humphrys claimed many people would think it was O’Brien’s rant which was “grotesque”, before asking: “You’re a Cardinal. Should you be using that kind of language, comparing … gay relationships with slavery?”

Sounding unsure of himself, O’Brien tried to insist his analogy was fair (full interview):

“It’s a perfectly good example of what could happen in our own country”

As comedian Chris Coltrane put it earlier:

There is nothing natural about Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

  1. O’Brien, the Scottish Cardinal, seemed to be having a go at Cameron’s plans for gay marriage. This issue is being discussed separately in his own country’s parliament. Why would he chose to have a go at legislation that will not affect his own “flock”.

    It wouldn’t be because Cameron’s government, in the form of Mrs Warsi, was too stupid to know that there was such a thing as a Scottish Cardinal, and neglected to invite him to their UK diplomatic visit to The Vatican a few weeks ago, and then tried to blame the oversight on the Vatican’s officials, would it?

    Fewer and fewer people listen to Cardinals. The medieval rants of the likes of this man are hardly likely to persuade people to their way of thinking.

    He reminds me a little of Mrs Robinson, late MP, AM, councillor, and wife of Northern Ireland’s first minister, who said that homosexuality was worse than paedophilia, a few weeks before it became public that the 60 year old was having a sexual relationship with a teenager.

    And I thought Christianity was about love. Pffff silly old me.

  2. Paul McMichael says:

    A big round of applause to the Cardinal from equal marriage supporters all round the country.

    Ill prepared and ill thought out defense. He took his spade with him and by God, he was going to dig deep and tunnel all the way out of Broadcasting house.

    I thought John H. Would actually say, ‘shouldn’t you stop digging yourself deeper Cardinal?’

  3. To be fair, he isn’t comparing gay marriage to slavery. That would be more odd than offensive. He is saying that being told to tolerate gay marriage is as bad as being told to tolerate slavery.

    Probably worth noting that the Catholic church for a millennia did tolerate slavery.

  4. I found the Cardinals comments both intolerant and offensive, and lacking in any reasonable argument. He also did himself no favours in promoting his point of view with an ill thought out article.

    Let’s be honest though, he did NOT compare gay marriage to slavery, he said that being told to tolerate gay marriage is as bad as being told to tolerate slavery (as Daniel has commented).

    Which, much as I disagree with his point of view, IS a reasoned argument.

    There is plenty in his comments to condemn him for without resorting to twisting his words.

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