David Cameron’s new adviser on Scotland is an arch-Thatcherite lobbyist who lives in Sussex — 152 miles nearer to Paris than Edinburgh. To top it off, Andrew Dunlop worked in Number 10 helping to bring the hated poll tax to Scotland.

Though he was born in Glasgow, Dunlop hasn’t lived in Scotland since the early 1980s. He moved to work in London as part of Margaret Thatcher’s Policy Unit on, erm, “tax and Scotland”. His CV also includes periods advised John Major, Michael Howard and involvement with Liam Fox’s sham charity, Atlantic Bridge.

Millionaire Dunlop was recently caught abusing a free parking pass on his trips to advise Cameron. As an elected councillor in leafy Horsham (part of the investment banker commuter belt), Dunlop is banned from using his permit on non-council business — but he still left his £30,000 Jaguar in a council car park before hopping on a train to advise on his cack-handed interventions on Scottish independence.

No surprise, then, that the SNP are casting independence debate as “freedom from Tory rule”.

  1. subsidy junkie says:

    as long as the inglish keep paying for ma benefits .. why should I worry where tosser dunlop lives.

  2. Laurence,
    Shir Sean lives in Bermuda, and has said he wont be moving back to Scotland, even it does become independent, unless the tax rate for wealthy individuals such as himself is reduced/removed.

    Alex Salmond is working on that.

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