The latest YouGov poll on voting intentions in the North of England has put the embattled Lib Dems on just 4%. This is some 26% behind their Conservative allies (who are hardly known for their popularity in the region) but, perhaps more notably, 3% behind UKIP.

While some yellow partisans have downplayed the results as a rogue poll, UKIP have revelled in their perceived emergence as a “new choice” in the region. The survey has provided an “I told you so” moment” for others, notable North East Lib Dem councillor Ron Beadle, co-founder of the Liberal Leftgroup:

“The YouGov results confirm what I and others have argued for a long time, namely that joining the coalition is disastrous for the party.”

It’ll take more than holding a conference in Gateshead to turn things around.

  1. It’s only disastrous because they failed to live up to their promises and have the reneged on all that was in their power to implement. Its a PR disaster yes but politically would they have done any different with a majority vote? Since they’ve swayed towards the blue side the entire time they’ve been in office I doubt it. Yellow by colour, blue by nature.

  2. That Yougov 4% is worth as much as Their National Libdem score of 7%, nothing. Over the last 3 months 75,000 voters have voted in actual elections across The UK, The average Libdem vote share was 26%.
    Why do actual voters behave so differently ? Because they are faced with a Ballot Paper & the need to decide. Voters in Polls are asked about how they might vote in an Election they know is 3 years away, for most people thats not a real choice.
    We will see in May which measure is more accurate.

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