The leading companies involved with the government’s controversial workfare scheme have combined profits of £10.8 billion, Political Scrapbook has calculated. Working with Left Foot Forward, we have compiled a complete list of companies involved with the programme.


See this post from LFF for an explanation of why the various types of workfare schemes are compulsory.

Special bonus points to Serco and A4E, who combined taxpayer-funded contracts with the free, compulsory taxpayer-organised forced labour.

  1. But Matalan suspended their involvement yesterday – before this was posted.

    Also, the conditions of the scheme were the same when Sainsbury’s were part of it. Surely they were taking the piss as well??

  2. Tesco have NOT withdrawn !
    The are still using current Government workfare scheme and claiming they are requesting any compulsion for people to participate be removed. Does anyone seriously believe this is the case or will happen ?

    What they have done is said they are doing a scheme themselves in addtion. This scheme will offer a months ‘work experience’ for young people with a permament job at end of it if they do well and creates more questions than it answers I think. What rate of Pay will they get for the month ? An updated daily mail article claims it will be £175 per week for 25 hours but Tesco press releases about it is exceedingly vague regarding specifics. No where does it say anything about rate of pay. Should anyway be Minimum wage as it comes under minimum wage regulations. But I suspect will be done as part of a selection process for an ‘apprenticeship’ thus allowing them to pay £2.60 per hour for it and the supposed permament job if they are picked will be a retail worker ‘apprenticeship’ for 12 months again at £2.60 per hour. The people who do this will have to sign off JSA to do it from what we know so far and as it is a month long will have to restart a claim for JSA if they dont get picked to continue with Tesco. This process is not straightforward and can take several weeks leaving them with nothing to live on in meantime.

    Overall In my opinion this is part a cyncial ploy to try to diffuse the situation for Government and Tesco . DO NOT be fooled by this everyone !

    I repeat Tesco have NOT withdrawn from Government Workfare scheme atall.

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