A controversial Russian election campaign advert compares voting for Vladimir Putin to losing your virginity. While the clip perhaps showcases a gentler side to Russian politics than often violent campaign intimidation, this disturbing video is a masterclass in creepiness.

With a young girl informing a fortune teller that it will be her “first time”, a tarot card with Vladimir Putin’s image on it is followed by the slogan:

“Putin. The first time — only for love.”

This is not the first time Putin’s campaign has taken to full-blown sexual innuendo as an electoral strategy. Back in November, Scrapbook’s attention was drawn to a comparably disturbing video featuring a couple emerging tousle-haired after an encounter in, erm, a polling booth.

It seems Putin is picking up from where Berlusconi left off — as the dirty old man of European politics. 

  1. I’d imagine its exactly like losing your virginity – The first time she does it she’s full of hope and expectation, However after 25 years of him switching between only two positions, expecting her to tick his box every now and again she’ll be pretty sick of it.

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