A UKIP MEP has admitted being “drugged up” on a cocktail of alcohol and prescription painkillers while making a speech in the European Parliament.

Godfrey Bloom (pictured above with party leader Nigel Farage) stumped colleagues in Strasbourg last week, interrupting a debate on sport with a bizarre question about a university rugby club.

Departing from his usually brisk and coherent delivery, Godfrey slurred his words as Tory MEP Emma McClarkin shook her head:

Bloom told Scrapbook that he was “drugged up” on “very heavy medication” after breaking his collarbone in a riding accident. But despite initial denials that he had been drinking, Bloom, who has previously had to be “carried out of the chamber” after drinking, eventually conceded that he had “probably had a couple of beers”.

Perhaps we should find Bloom’s “open letter to landlords” — in which the MEP brags at having drunk more than 17,000 pints in his lifetime — instructive:

“I take beer seriously …. I don’t go for ‘a pint’. I am a session man.”

We wish Godfrey a speedy recovery from his riding injury.

  1. At 62, 17,000 pints works out at about one a day if you assume he started drinking at about 16. If he’s a session man he doesn’t even drink that much, probably why he’s in such a state here. Lightweight.

  2. Still more evidence that it would be sheer folly to make a.Ukip follower represent any thing that
    Purports to come from the U,K

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