A club part-owned by David Cameron and linked to binge drinking attempted to open its doors to children under the age of 16After we highlighted the brazen hypocrisy of the prime minister’s speech on alcohol, research by Political Scrapbook has uncovered official documents which show his company attempting to open the doors of a central London premises to children.

David Cameron was a director and held shares worth £40,000 in the TigerTiger bar chain when the following application was refused by Westminster City Council in May 2005:

We’ll leave it to Cameron to reconcile this £84,000 directorship with his speech.

  1. Presumably they wanted to hold a monthly under 18s night or something similar, where alcohol isn’t served, which is quite common.

  2. Actually, I don’t see the problem with this. If people bring their children it changes the demographic of who uses the pub and hopefully puts off hardened drinkers.
    It’s the meaningless drinking to excess that is a problem, not socialising in pubs.

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