After five senior Sun journalists were arrested this weekend, Trevor Kavanagh took to his word processor to rant that his colleagues were treated “like members of an organised crime gang”. It should come as little surprise that the paper has an extensive track record of gawping at such actions by police … when it is happening to other people, of course!

Here is a small sample of dawn raid coverage in Britain’s most popular red top:

  • COPS RAID HOMES IN RIOT PROBE (Dec 2011): “Police launched a series of dawn raids across the capital today in a major swoop on suspected summer rioters, Scotland Yard said.”
  • DENNIS HOME RAID STUNS F1 (Feb 2008): McLaren boss Ron Dennis’ Formula One future was plunged into doubt last night after police raided his Surrey mansion over the Ferrarigate spy scandal.
  • TERROR SUSPECT GRILLED IN DAWN RAID (March 2011): “A terror suspect was last night being grilled by Scots cops after he was held in a dawn raid on a flat.”
  • COPS HOLD ALEX IN DAWN COKE RAID (Jan 2011): [Jordan’s ex-husband] Alex Reid was arrested in a dawn raid by cops probing a cartel who smuggled killer cocaine worth £2MILLION.
  • REDKNAPP DEFENDS HIMSELF (Nov 2007): “Dawn raid … Police arrive at [Harry] Redknapp’s mansion as they launch early-morning swoop”

This list continues ad infinitum.

  1. I also seem to remember how pleased the Sun was when the Met started doing Dawn Raids in the Cash for Honours Saga. Funny how under David Cameron Tory Donors get honours with no questions asked. Some of them are also Tax-Free.

  2. So very true! Personally I can’t wait for the re arrests of Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson and how gratifying it would be to see the PM arrested for lying to the nation and deliberately misleading them over just about everything.

    Jeff Winston – it will never end because it will keep being added to.

  3. Ok – so we have dawn raids on terrorists and drug dealers……lets get some perspective. One of the guys who had the pleasure of a dawn raid on Saturday had bought lunch for two police officers for £50 and put it through as expenses…..not really the same is it!

    Have a read of this blog, we need balance otherwise we’ll have no free press in the UK –

  4. MatofKilburnia says:

    Actually Richard Gale, the raids were carried out on suspected terrorists and drug dealers, which should help with perspective.

    Let’s also put some perspective, what the raids are for is corruption, which is worse than say, stealing some water or selling a bit of pot.

  5. ^^^Really, Richard? Ron Dennis and Harry Redknapp ‘terrorists and drug dealers’ Really???

    there are plenty of other dawn raids that are carried out on people who are no danger to society and no risk of fleeing the country. The Sun (and other parts of the gutter press) have taken great joy in those too.

  6. Fith link is same as the first. I also think it’s funny they’re complaining about the misuse of the terrorism legislation they did so much to bring in.

  7. Classic double speak from the Right. That wind bag Kavanagh complaining about how the police search.

    It is a shame the boys in blue didn’t kick Jane Moore’s door down.

  8. News International admitted in court the other day that they had destroyed evidence, lied to the police and misled the public. That was only for the purposes of assessing damages in the civil actions in front of Mr Justice Vos but you can understand the police abandoning their previous practice of arrests by appointment.

    The civil actions have shown NI to be a criminal enterprise. MP Tom Watson described James Murdoch as a Mafia boss in a Parliamentary hearing last November. The police would not be doing their job if they did not treat these people like suspected gangsters.

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