Once again, David Cameron’s urban talisman and infamous Tatler Tory flop Shaun Bailey has been caught taking a laissez-faire approach to financial management, with charity My Generation’s accounts being 14 days late, meaning valuable donations will now be redirected to pay penalty fees.

This marks the fourth time in five years that the charity’s accounts have been overdue, with Bailey previously excusing such incompetence by claiming:

“What you are dealing with is a kid from the estate who had a good idea to do this and never had a wider view of accountants and lawyers”.

But after a parliamentary campaign and years at the helm of a growing charity, the former Hammersmith candidate’s feeble attempts at explaining My Generation’s behaviour simply do not wash. In fact, visiting the annals of Scrapbook past, the charity have a history of charitable donations going unaccounted for:

  • In April 2010, the charity reached the headlines with massively disproportionate back-office costs and an inexcusable failure to account for nearly £16,000 in funds.
  • Further digging revealed that despite being a local charity with its focus centered on neighbouring London boroughs, the charity spent nearly £60,000 a year on travel and “subsistence”.
  • And, accounts showing a tripling of expenditure on publicity to £90,000, which conveniently coincided with Shaun Bailey’s parliamentary campaign.

Let’s just hope that when the accountds are finally received, they are more accurate than previous attempts. 

  1. Tut tut, this could be something to do with the fact that he seems to have abandoned his former offices at Trellick Tower, heavily subsidised by the Tory K&C Council. I wonder if he EVER paid the rent?

    Isn’t it a crime to use charity funds for parliament expenses? Is Mr Bailey now an alleged criminal? Oh dear, not a great role model then.

  2. According to Wikipedia the founding trustees of My Generation were Charles Niren, a chartered accountant, Karin Norman, a former investment banker and Laetitia Gunn, a former Tory candidate and barrister, so his wee excuse about just being a boy form an estate is a bit weak…

  3. Err… there aren’t any penalty fees for late filing with the Charity Commision.

    It’s only HMRC and Companies House who’ll hit a charity with a penalty if their paperwork isn’t in on time.

  4. That said, Companies House does show that My Generation’s should have been submitted by 31 December 2011, so they’re now 6-7 weeks overdue, running the bill up to £375 for now, or maybe £750 as his previous year’s accounts appear to have been submitted a month late, which may double this year’s penalty if he’s filing under the 2006 Act.


  5. My bad – ‘My Generation’s accounts should…”

    As for the founding trustees, CH’s records indicate that Laetitia Gunn quit as a director in October 2008, Charles Niren went two moths later and Karin Norman went the same way in October 2011.

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