With presidential candidate Mitt Romney moving towards securing his party’s nomination for November’s American election, life should be pretty sweet for the former Governor of Massachusetts. However despite primary success, the Republican front-runner has attracted much unwanted attention in recent weeks for a litany of gaffes (see here, here or here) underlining his affluent abandon towards the plight of the common man.

Ever willing to knock a Republican of their prosperous perch, the Huffington Post have pounced on the opportunity to kick an out-of-touch man when he’s down,  releasing a string of campaign videos “paid for” by the “Rich Kids for Romney”, satirically mocking the candidate’s ostentatious ways.

The original “Rich Kids for Romney” campaign video can be watched below. But other versions are also available.

To echo the words of “Rich Kids for Romney” – Does America really want a President who isn’t rich?

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