Rachel Reeves, shadow chief secretary to the treasury, has seen a lightning rise since she entered Parliament in 2010 — but  should that be unexpected of the UK’s former under-14 junior chess champion?

Reeves attended the closing dinner of the London Chess Classic 2011, Chess Magazine report. During the meal, she took part in a match alongside fellow MP (and brother of the London Mayor) Jo Johnson, advised by game legend Gary Kasparov.

Need any help? Osborne attempts to psych-out Reeves

In a tactical display that may be starting to worry CCHQ, Reeves won the match, finishing with the aggressive but dubiously-named move of the “bishop’s sac”. Even chief Tory electoral-strategist George Osborne (who moonlights as the Chancellor of the Exchequer) dropped by to take some notes.

It looks like Ed Miliband and his Rubik’s cube have a little competition on the Labour frontbench.

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