A former glamour model has claimed that Nick Griffin exposed himself to her in a car after a fast food binge. Labelling the BNP leader a “sex pest”, Claudia Dagleish was caught off-guard when, on returning from a brief trip to a nearby bin, she allegedly found a semi-naked Griffin adorning the front seat of her Jeep.

The ex-model and BNP supporter — who has been previously subject to a level of airbrushing which would shame even David Cameron — claimed:

“I came back and found Nick Griffin with his… trousers down by his knees. I was shocked and asked him what he was doing … I was disgusted. He was excited. I ordered him out of the car. He is a sex pest.”

Ms Dalgleish claims says she was subject to a campaign of sexual harassment which included text messages. The North West MEP attempted to woo the former BNP activist thusly:

“Do you know the French side of the tunnel? And be aware that it’s very hot over here so you don’t need to wear very much.”

“That’s a given. As is checking that your legs feel as silky as they look.”

And in response to a normal request, he reportedly responded:

“There goes the dominatrix side again. No need to insist, though on this occasion I will do as ordered. And only stop if told to.”

Scrapbook is left wondering what greasy gourmet would serve as the aphrodisiac for such impulsive actions.

  1. What annoys me, if this story has been going around the right for a very long time. I’m no member of the BNP but i have met Claudia herself, and to put it in no uncertain terms, she is very much a ‘cock-tease’. There are pictures of her with her hands all over Nick, i get the feeling this will be her doing from the start.

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