It seems that Nazi flags are on the world’s largest online retailers — Amazon. While texts like Mein Kampf and artifacts such as coins are of genuine historical interest, Scrapbook wonders what the target market for these items is beyond, errr, neo-Nazi extremists.

The items appear on Amazon Marketplace, which “provides a venue for you to buy and sell new, used, collectable and refurbished items”. The maxim of offering “Even more choice” apparently extends to hate-filled consumers:

Though the corporation, which saw it’s share value increase by a mammoth 26% in 2011, acts as a broker does not dispatch the items directly on the sales, similar items appear to be banned on Ebay.

Stay classy, Amazon.

  1. What makes it a ‘neo’ Nazi flag?
    Its a Nazi flag nothing new about it and the people who buy it at are similarly Nazis. Lets call them what they are.

  2. Yeah, no real story here. They’re perfectly legal in this country. Now if Adrian Burley had left a review such as “5 stars! So good, I bought two! Now I’m all set for the thousand year Reich!” you might have something!

  3. As you can see it’s dispatched and sold by 1000 flags rather than Amazon itself. A quick check shows 1000 flags also sell Pirate Flags, Gay Pride Flags, and the flag of Israel.

    So there’s clearly no agenda here, the company just like flags, and I assume many of their customers are the same.

  4. As the other Dave said, there’s plenty of reasons for people buying this. And not a single one of them is any of your business.

  5. As a partner in 1000 flags I have read the comments with interest. I would like the opportunity to reply.
    Our business was established 8 years ago and we believe we now sell the largest range of flags in the UK. Amazon is a very small part of our turnover. Most of our turnover comes through our website.
    Firstly we should be clear that our business and those who work for it have no neo nazi sympathies, but we would defend our rights to sell these flags.
    The German regular flag for instance was the national flag of Germany for several years, so we would always stock it as an historical flag, much the same as we sell 5 different Iraq flags and various forms of Baltic flags.

    The vast majority of the German War flags that we sell go to 3 groups , Theatres, Schools and Museums. Indeed our flags have appeared at West End shows and at the British Museum.

    It would be wrong to assum that there are numerous facists sittng at home building up a far right collection of flags, from what we experience, that is just not the case.

    Selling flags can at times be an emotive issue. We have previously answered complaints for selling the flag of many countries and states, to name a few, Somaliland, Northern Cyprus, North Korea, Macau and even last week (with the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of the Falklands approaching) the Argentina flag.

    We fully understand that people have died for the flag they believe in, emotions can understandibly run high, but what we have on our website is an extensive “library” of flags through time, which it seems, the vast majority of customers enjoy seraching.

  6. Quote:

    “As the other Dave said, there’s plenty of reasons for people buying this. And not a single one of them is any of your business.”

    It is called the First Amendment, and Dave is 100% correct.

  7. How come no one complains when communist flags are sold? Flags of the old USSR and their respective republics are sold all the time with no complaints. Oh, that’s right, communism is okay since we fought with the USSR, fascism is not since we fought National Socialist Germany. FDR, our “greatest” president, gave half of Europe to the communists, so we should embrace communism and all it stands for. No thanks, comrade.

  8. Steve Horowitz says:

    It amazes me people being offended or appalled at a Nazi flag but are ok with supporting 2 men fucking each other in the ass, and our white brainwashing guilt society encourages blacks to be vial not only to each other but innocent real Americas. Fact is liberals are the cancer of society, it’s a poison of the mind that needs to be ended!

  9. John Kevin Wilshaw says:

    What about Communist flags? A doctrine that’s been responsible for the death of millions?
    I’ve recently viewed Amazon and it seems that certain people have been successful in their petty little campaign to stop Amazon selling swastika flags. As an individual who reviewed, positively, one of the swastika flags sold on Amazon, you have probably surmised where my political loyalties lie.

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