The fiercely contested Mayoral showdown between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson heated up today,  after the challenger and Labour candidate heaped pressure on the incumbent by signing a pledge to be a “One Job Mayor”, subsequently challenging Boris to do the same.

However, those familiar with the nature of Boris’ mayoralty will likely be fully aware that the Tory’s tenure in City Hall has been fraught with accusations of having eyes on his ultimate prize – Tory leadership, multiple paychecks, dis-interest and being tellingly AWOL on many occasions when Londoners needed him most. Among a stream of accusations:

  • Many believe Boris has already been lined up for a Tory safe seat in Reigate, Surrey come the 2015 general election. One full year short of the 4-year term the Mayoralty requires, without considering the time required for campaigning in a constituency outside of London.
  • When quizzed on the matter by Prospect Magazine, Boris did little to dispel the notion that one day soon he may run for Tory leader.
  • During the London Riots in August, it took him a staggering four days to accept that he would have to cut his family holiday short and return to London.
  • And while disgruntled Londoners faced a fourth consecutive year of fare increases above inflation, the Conservative Mayor choose to get away from it all by holidaying at a luxury Italian ski resort.

As the election draws closer, Boris appears to be growing more distant from the public.

  1. Under Labour’s rules Ken actually left the Labour Party when he backed independent candidate Lutfur Rahman for mayor of Tower Hamlets, against the Labour candidate. Of course, Ed Miliband is too scared of Ken to actually enforce the rules in this case.

    Surprise surprise, it turns out voting fraud is rife in Tower Hamlets, where Ken’s mate won.

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