The e-petition calling on the Government to drop its Health and Social Care Bill has now reached 139,400 signatures to become the second most popular campaign on Number 10’s official petition site — having already passed the 100,000 milestone to qualify for a debate in the House of Commons.

Overtaking a petition on immigration and a call for cheaper petrol and diesel, the appeal now stands just behind the much publicised plea for government disclosure of documents relating to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

An MP will now take the petition to the Backbench Business Committee, who meet every Tuesday at 1pm, who will decide if the issue will be debated in the Commons.

While this builds the pressure on beleaguered Lansley, a debate seems unlikely given the government can barely find parliamentary time for the bill itself.

  1. If it isn’t debated then this is YET ANOTHER U-Turn by this Condem Government determined to destroy all the good work of previous Labour Governments in building up the NHS. What a cop out!

  2. Hello Jeffery how is not debating it a U turn. By the way it was the last Liebour useless government that spent the money and kept on borrowing until the country was nearly bankrupt. What you lefty idiots can’t seem to understand is that you cant spend money you don’t have.
    Yea Red Idiot lets make it 150k of the Liebour client state parasiting off the tax payer. Yet another of Gordo the scum bag Scotman’s great ideas along with his moral compass, saving the world lets just keep on borrowing until we end up like Greece.

    When will you morons understand we cant spend what we don’t have.

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