In perhaps the most effective thing that Ed Miliband’s team have done with his Twitter account, the opposition leader’s team have helped to push an e-petition against the Health Bill such that it has gained 12,000 signatures in one day (click here to sign).

But as ever collectivism is key and a fair portion of these signatures are likely to be the work of campaign group 38 Degrees, who have today also asked their members to sign the petition.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on social media, our nation’s prime minister is disseminating cat photos:

Perhaps Cameron should get his priorities straight.

  1. Actually, 38 Degrees has put out an e mail to some or all of their members today asking that they sign this petition….

  2. It was almost certainly the 38 Degrees email that did it. I checked it in the morning (it was actually on 70k), and just before the email in the afternoon (~80k). Within a couple of hours of the 38 Degrees email had smashed the 100k mark. Not surprising, the mailing list is something like over 1 million people. Good work!

  3. It’s up to 120,000 now. Less than 20,000 more needed to overtake “No to 70 million” and “Cheaper petrol and diesel” and catapult it into second place.

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