With Huhne’s cabinet career now in tatters, could the fate of the member for Eastleigh also hasten the exit of the health secretary? Lobby hack James Macintyre certainly thinks so:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/James_Macintyre/status/164858054867812352″]

With the Health Bill the runaway winner for “most botched coalition legislation” , it’s surely just a matter of timing.

  1. Redcar for All says:

    Lansley should be toast if he refuses to publish NHS risk register – he perverts transparency and democracy or is this another version of financial privilege?

  2. The ConDems would love you to think that Lansley will be punished for the NHS Bill in some future reshuffle. On the contrary, once he has forced the Bill through he will be in a great hurry to move to the private sector to start making some really enormous ill-gotten gains.

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