Eric Pickles complained loudly that councils cannot profit from waste collection services in light of concerns that a “small minority” were doing exactly that. But the failure to name and shame the culprits seemed at odds with the DCLG team’s passion for a media row. Could this be because they were all Tory controlled?

Back in April 2011, the DCLG published a letter saying:

“…councils cannot introduce ‘backdoor’ bin charging for mainstream waste collections or waste disposal. Such stealth taxes are not legal…”

Thanks to freedom of information requests, however, we can now examine the full list of offending authorities — and it makes for decidedly blue reading:

  • Blaby District Council, in Leicestershire, charges £2 per bag, or £38.40 for a second bin.
  • Eden District Council, in Cumbria, charges £1.25 per bag beyond a free allowance of 2 per week for households of under 6 members- and apparently has done for quite some while.
  • Broxbourne Borough Council, in Hertfordshire, charges £0.30 per bag, beyond a 52 bag per year basic allowance.
  • Wokingham Borough Council, one of the Tories’ flagship local authorities in Berkshire who are already planning to privatise library services, will be tonight voting through plans to introduce a £0.40 charge per bag beyond an 80 bag limitation.

Scrapbook wonders what Pickles thinks of his chums’ stealth-taxing ways?

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