A former Tory council leader has launched a vicious attack on single mothers, blaming them for the poor economic performance of a high street. Also blasting the unemployed for not being able to spend enough, former councillor Anna Waite lays the blame with them for turning Southend town centre into a “dumping ground”.

In a post on her blog, Anna Waite ranted:

“Single mums in bedsits, drug and alcohol addicts, the homeless and those on multiple benefits do not have cash to spend in shops.”

She called on the Tory-controlled council to end the requirement to provide affordable housing in the town centre — in order to move wealthier (Tory voting?) residents in instead by putting the money into replacing cheaper housing with a more expensive alternative.

Ms Waite, as the chair of the Conservative Association, was responsible for a party investigation into a local councillor for attending an EDL meeting. The whitewash cleared Cllr Blaine Robin of wrongdoing, despite being praised by EDL leader Tommy Robinson for being “the first politician I’ve met who actually represents his constituents”.

With single mothers fair game again, are we going back to “Back to Basics”?

  1. Yes, Dale. A Tory Council Leader is indeed a “Leading Tory”. And what a Tory she is! Shades of Dame Shirley Porter here, although at least Shirl had the decency to try to hide her intentions.

  2. Same old tory cant as in the eighties lets blame the poor for the countries problems rather than the people at the top who actually caused them.
    Single mothers didn’t ruin the economy bankers did.

  3. Bring back hunting – better sport than foxes – we could mount her head in the hall at Westminster as a reminder that government is of the people BY the people and FOR the people.

  4. @Nigel Walker. Bankers didn’t ruin the economy, Gordon Brown did; he spent money we didn’t have and couldn’t afford on things we didn’t need. History has yet to pronounce its verdict on him and it will be very poor indeed. The list is almost endless but let’s start with PFI hospitals which are already leading to cuts because of their ridiculous costs, or signing aircraft carrier contracts where it most expensive to cancel than have them built, etc. etc.

    I have no more love for Bankers than anyone else but at least I am realistic about where the blame lies. Don’t forget it was Brown (and Balls) who established the tri-partite system of regulation that oversaw RBS.

  5. Lovely! – all we need to know now is which council boundary you’ll be dumping busloads of the poor across, just so the unfortunate recipients can start building ‘relocation and reeducation’ camps!

    Jolly good! Jolly jolly good!

    (comment awaits moderation – what are the odds, eh?)

  6. Anna Waite is correct in many respects, Southend and the surrounding roads are run down. Ever since the powers that be decided to place asylum seekers in the Hotel and then move them to local flats. These people languish on benefits. They empty household rubbish directly on the streets. Old sofa’s , tables are dumped in residential area’s. The joy of opening ones front gate to find old settee cushions on the pavement !…i have watched small children run out of a house with household rubbish and leave it in the street!…….I remember Southend in the 1970’s/1980’s….the Hamlet Court road was a very affluent area…now it is full of drunks and dirty people, who have no interest or pride in the area they live in because the contribute nothing to it….spend the money on local streets..and stop the houses being turned into flats which are rented out cheaply to people who have no work ethic.

  7. So, OK, it’s the unemployed, single mums, and foreigners.

    It’s a wonder, though, that a leading Tory would forget to mention foreigners. They usually dislike them almost as much as poor people.

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