After Scrapbook wondered out loud as to the progress of CCHQ’s investigation into the Nazi stag do attended by MP Aidan Burley, the Birmingham Post reports that the prime minister will take sole responsibility for disciplining the “honourable” member for Cannock Chase:

“David Cameron will personally decide the fate of Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley, once an inquiry into the Nazi-themed stag party attended by the MP reports its findings this month.”

Despite the prime minister’s remarks around Holocaust Memorial Day, one could be forgiven cynicism given that Cameron has already written to Burley asking his anti-union TURC campaign to prepare a “report” on activities by union representatives.

But this could yet become an issue in the French elections if Savoie prosecutor Patrick Quincy decides to charge Burley and his mates.

  1. [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS] He’s a supposedly educated person who might reasonably know that he was breaking the law when he did it.

    I hope they ask for his extradition; trying him; jail him.

    Ill-bred low life. There’s a reason for these things being outlawed.

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