UPDATE: Aidan Burley also withdrew from a coveted tabled question slot at PMQs yesterday, and did not vote on the three-line whipped Police Grant Report. It looks like he wasn’t in Parliament at all.

Astonishing — but as yet unsubstantiated — claims from a student, who was apparently in Poland yesterday:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/mattparkss/status/167542223200727040″]
[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/mattparkss/status/167560784044507137″]

If borne out, these claims — which have already been retweeted by lobby chair Paul Waugh and Ed Miliband aide Lucy Powell — would surely be fatal to Burley.

  1. “yes we was in a talk with a auchwitz survivor and he came in to it, sat there texting and dozing”

    You say he is a student, where pray tell? Infant school?

    Educayshon, Educayshon, Educayshon!!!

  2. OK – it’s obvious that there is a political angle here – but seriously, when did it become an issue to send a text message or fall asleep during a lecture?

    Is there anyone who hasn’t sat through a lecture – no matter how worthy the cause – and drifted off or found something more interesting in their mobile phone?

    For all we know the speech may have been exhilarating, or the most tedious boring monologue known to mankind.

    Scan the room at any speech, and there will be people nodding off to sleep, reading notes, sending texts etc.

    Just because it is about the holocaust does not make it a crime to be bored if the speech itself is boring.

  3. If you have already lost your job for attending a party where your mate dressed up as an SS Officer, perhaps it would have been better to be seen to give your full attention.

  4. I’m not too sure of the original story, doesn’t seem exactly impartial evidence. But, if this *is* true, then people defending the action surprise me.

    Even if we assume Mr Burley had had a long, tiring day, it’s hardly the action of an intelligent man – i.e. the kind of people we’d like to see in parliament – to be falling asleep / texting, especially taking into account past ‘issues’

  5. Seems the student was attending with a teacher who is also a Labour councillor.
    Seems the Labour councillor confronted the MP prior to the accusation.
    Seems like a typical Labour smear set up to me…

  6. I didn’t realise Ed Balls had attended the party.
    Still, playing politics on a trip to Auschwitz is pretty low.
    It was a bit of a stretch to think an illiterate teenager like that would pick an obscure Tory MP out in a crowd really.

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