With this latest hypocrisy centering on the Welfare Reform Bill, Simon Hughes has yet again been caught out saying one thing, but doing another.

Hughes’ weekend assault on the media, in which he called for the abandonment of the government’s proposed benefit cap, led to the claim that the bill would be rejected in both the Commons and the Lords in its current format.

But, a quick glance over Commons voting records reveal that back in June 2011 the influential Lib Dem stood with the Tories wholeheartedly on the bill.

Far from Hughes’ first dalliance with duplicity (see here, here or here), the Liberal Democrat has clearly developed somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde complex during the Lib Dems time in Coalition.

As we’ve asked before: Would the real Simon Hughes please stand up?!

  1. Back in June 2011 Simon Hughes stood with the government on their controversial welfare reform bill. Shocking!!!
    Today he takes a different stance. Good for him, he is no longer obeying orders, toeing the party line. He may have listened and learnt that this bill is wrong in so many ways. It needs amending before it is allowed to go through. Thanks to thinking people this might now happen.
    We can not have our MPs voting on the premise that they are ‘only following orders. They are voted by the people to act on our behalf, not on what David Cameron decides is the ORDER of the day.

  2. Naa just like all his party he is an opportunist hipocrite unable to admit they have made a terrible mistake.

  3. Except he didn’t actually say the government should abandon the benefits cap – he said he supported the principle but changes should be made to avoid some of the consequences of the cap as it is currently constructed.

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