Following the announcement of Alex Salmond’s leading “Do you agree …” referendum question, please enjoy Scrapbook’s suggestion for the wording and design of the ballot paper.

The SNP’s unveiling of this cornerstone of the poll coincided with Burns Night … by pure coincidence, naturally.

  1. Far too confusing a ballot paper. It should be this:

    Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country? (Tick one box)

    Yes []

  2. Ha! It’s the old problem of referendums, they’ll keep doing one until they get the right answer. If Scotland wants independence, give it. If they don’t, then don’t It really is as simple as that.

    And please, any politicians that might read this: keep it to the facts. Not history.

  3. Sorry none of the above alternatives are acceptable.

    The following is easier:

    If you want Independence for Scotland, do nothing.

    If you don’t want Independence. here’s a one way ticket to England.


    i expected better from this tbh ,but as per usual mock the scots ,never mind after last nights debacle that was newsnight SNP membership soared and wee snidey articals like this just helps keep it coming

  5. I see Madasafish has given us the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. I wondered how long it would be before that came up.

    For those of you from south of the border, it boils down to “You’re not a True Scot (TM) unless you support the SNP/Independence”…. (its not anti-Scottish to say things like that because of course they’re not true scots!)

  6. I am an exiled Scot.

    As far as I am concerned the sooner Scotland gets independence the better.

    I will remain in exile: when I go back to Scotland it’s like going back to the 1950 : racial bigotry, drinking and short lifespans.

    Scotland acts like the Third World country it is.

  7. vacant Possession says:

    So, the choice is between an American actor or an English heroine?

    I wish Scotland and the Scots what they feel is right for them. Whatever the arguments of standing shoulder to shoulder and of Scotland sharing, both true; If freedom from us is what they wish then freedom is what they should have.

    If they choose to stand together then that is fine, even better for we would stand together by choice.

    Yours, English.

  8. I’ve noticed an interesting trend: when an Englishman expresses the view that the UK will be better off without Scotland, many pro-independence Scots get apoplectic with fury. It’s as if they want to be wanted by the friends they reject. How precious. How narcissistic. How typical of the nationalist mindset.

    The Scots forever lost the right to ever mention Thatcher again when they sent that self-righteous, arrogant, deluded moron Gordon Brown to Westminster. More Scots voted for the former than English voted for the latter. And Scottish MPs have no shame walking through the lobbies for votes on English laws.

    Finally, my biggest laugh of the week was provided by the Scot in a radio phone-in I heard in the car earlier who said to his English host “How would YOU like it if you were ruled by a foreign power?!” Problem is, that seems to be about the level of debate amongst many ScotNats.

  9. Salmond will not be happy till he is crowned king.
    He will then replace the Wallace monument with a statue of himself!!!!

  10. What does “independent” mean? Detaching from global economy? The honest question is “do you want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?”

  11. I don’t believe Salmond could do something so blatantly, pitifully biased. I literally did an entire section for the simpletons’ examination known as ‘GCSE Statistics’ in which we were taught how the phrase ‘do you agree’ should not be put on a survey. And this is on a national referendum! Incredible!

    Hopefully the Electoral Commission will put a stop to this nonsense. It’s incredible that Salmond honestly did it. I hope he pays dearly for it.

  12. Marcus Aurelius says:

    But won’t Scotland still be ruled by Brussels? Ther eare no independent countries in the EU. They aree all locked into “ever closer union”. Common fisheriea policy I’m sure is very unpopu;lar in Scotland but breaking up the UK will make it all worse. We already have a common EU legal system including thousands of pages on duck egg standards, common set of “green” imperatives, common VAT, common foreign office representation and trade negotiation, common curreny, common anthem, common flag. And coming soon yet more common taxes and a common army and navy, police and judiciary. What price “independence” then?

  13. @ Gloone,
    Sadly not. While the Electoral Commission will have a role in the referendum, especially on the rules regarding donations and spending etc., they wont have a say in the question. That is to be decided by Salmond and his acolytes alone.

    I often see nationalists such as yourself claim that anyone who disagrees with them is “talkign Scotland down” or “claiming we’re too small, too wee” etc. etc. Do you think that comparing Scotland to a third world country is talking it down? Especially when we are one of the most forward thinking, open and tolerant parts of the UK?

  14. A fairer question would be:-

    Do you proud Scots want to live off the backs of the English taxpayers for evermore or would you rather secede and join the Euro?

  15. If Scotland can have a referendum of remaining in the union why can’t we have a referendum on remaining in the failing debt ridden growth-free EU?

  16. This idea of “Scottish” independence is really one perspective of a much more complex proposal. This is a propsal to change the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. Surely everyone who is entitled to vote within that United Kingdon should have some right to have a say in its future by having a voter in this referendum.

    All the Scots with any get up and go have gotten up and gone over the past two centuries leaving behind a population of ne’er do wells and idlers.

  17. Don't talk piss says:

    Gordon Brown – not to be trusted, plonker who caused a lot of the banking crisis encouraging people to borrow and voted in by a Unionist party supported predominately by England, NOT Scottish people. Just because he’s Scottish don’t mean that Scotland voted him in as only five million people live in Scotland so hardly a democratic decision.

    Fed up hearing the Scaremongering, what if? A separate army! More taxes bla bla bla!
    What other nonsense can they possibly think up?
    …Lets just get on with it and take the opportunity to get the hell out of this marriage that Scotland never even wanted to be in the first place! (English people check your history and get your facts right!)

  18. Hjaltlander says:

    If Scotland gets a vote on breaking away do Shetland and Orkney get to vote on getting clear of Scotland, and taking our oil and fish with us.

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