In a quarrelsome interview on Radio 4’s Today Programme, John Humphrys quizzed Ed Miliband on the Labour leader’s speech later this morning and his grand vision for the party.

Mired with sibling-like squabbling from Humphrys, the host’s interview style ensured tiffs blighted the encounter between (John) Humphrys and (Edward) Miliband, leading to the Today Programme’s Garry Richardson cheekily taking the opportunity to refer to the duo as “Radio 4’s answer to Jedward”.

With the Labour leader poised to deliver a keynote speech from London’s Oxo Tower, Miliband is expected to warn his party over spending and challenge the notion that Labour are solely a party for the good times.

The main event starts at 11.30. Stay tuned for updates. 

  1. Humphry ignored the continual and explicit rejection by Miliband that the Labour Party or, more specificallyand allegedly, Gordon Brown, was the cause of the UK overspending deficit. This is the Mantra agreed by the Conservative Party in October 2008 as the personalised slogan to win the ensuing election and the reason I left the Conservative Party then for its deliberate dishonesty which continues . No rational Economist , and I am a minor one of thousands, agreed with this political assertion in the light of the complex real reasons ie American Banking failure with the so-called Credit Crunch and the greedy speculation of financiers, some still on the Front Bench! who traded in false assets for profit . But then Humphry is not an Economist . Pity.

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