1. God he’s such a bore. Brilliant example to teachers, eh?

    If my boss saw my students looking that bored, he’d fire me.

    Govey is such a boring little knob isn’t he?

    No wonder he thinks that Milton and Dryden should be required reading for children. They’d be infinitely more interesting than him.

  2. Politicos (never mind the political party they come from) shouldn’t be allowed to use meetings with students like this. That speech wasn’t for the young people, it was for the press.

  3. I remember the days when Ministers could go and play with the kiddies. Remember the days when Burnham and Balls were swinging on tires together?

  4. @Mark H Wilkinson

    To be fair, the kids were hungover the day after Gove’s visit.

    I would if he talked about his links to Murdoch, and still describes Rupert Murdoch as a ” Great Man “

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