Mark Clarke with David Cameron

The chief of an anti-trade union campaign has been exposed as a hypocrite after a leaked email reveals fawning correspondence with trade unionists to win votes when standing for parliament. One of the cursed “Tatler Tories” who failed to secure a seat in 2010, Mark Clarke wrote to organised workers in Tooting claiming he valued “having a good relationship and dialogue with the trade union movement.”

With Cameron aides expressing “grave concerns” at his candidacy, it seems the oleaginous Clarke would go to any lengths for a vote, claiming:

“Personally, I have made a real commitment to reaching out to the trade union movement in Wandsworth.”

Clarke is a leader of the Trade Union Reform Campaign, which is being re-launched tonight after a Nazi-themed public relations car crash starring its chairman, Aidan Burley MP, scuppered their December introduction.

The new outfit is backed by a panel of nine MPs supposedly at “various stages in their career”, eight of whom are from the 2010 intake.

Desperate to shore up his vote with swing public sector workers targeted by strategist Steve Hilton, Clarke slammed the “dehumanising clocking in and out of staff”.

Less than three years later he is party to a glorified witch-hunt of individual public sector staff.

  1. Clarke is a fool.

    Mind you there are so many Labour MP’s who are paid mouthpieces for Trade Unions (hi Jack) that this sort of article can be dismissed as tribally motivated nit-picking.

  2. Isn’t he also an ex-(maybe still current?) member of the Young Britons Foundation?

    Obviously a thoroughly modern politician; say anything to anyone as long as it gets you votes. (Or not in his case).

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