Michael Gove has jumped to the defence of his wife, Times columnist Sarah Vine, after commenting on his colleague Louise Mensch’s breasts and comparing her to former glamour model Katie Price. In a break with the Victorian era, Gove said that he supported the right of women “to have their own views”.

Mensch is reported to have “hit the roof” over Vine’s  column after the author-turned-Tory MP appeared in the glossy men’s magazine GQ, memorably likened to a racy top-shelf publication by George Osborne:

“Her look is typical of countless women her age of similar social status and means: a smooth face and clear complexion, pert but modest-sized breasts, a lithe and toned body: pure Made in Chelsea”

This isn’t the first time that Sarah has caused embarrassed the education secretary. Back in May she penned an article on how to “turn a man from your boyfriend into a proper husband”. The piece included suggestions on rationing sex, and hiding your partner’s underwear.

With such goings on at home, it’s no wonder Gove is so keen to take on the unions and Hackney parents.

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