Liberal Democrats in Sefton, Merseyside, have been accused of slurring a number of local residents as “nutters” on a document highlighting people to whom party literature should not be delivered to.

Claire Traynor, who was blacklisted on the document, said:

“I am really upset because it is a term I find really offensive. I know people with serious mental health problems, which makes this so much worse”

But perhaps the local party deserve some credit in the creativity of their excuse. Despite a handful of known trade unionists, Labour supporters and a UKIP voters being listed under the word “NUTTERS” in block capitals with the sub-heading “Please DO NOT deliver to”, Lib Dems have brushed off the gaffe by claiming that this referred not to the people listed but to party activists, and that it was, errr, “the name of our pub quiz team“.

At least Gordon Brown didn’t write to Gillian Duffy calling her a bigot.

  1. Steve Heptinstall says:

    At least the Sefton ‘nutters’ didn’t get into bed with the tories and form an unelected gov’t that has no mandate from the electorate to push through these socially damaging policies that the LibDems are supporting.

  2. “…to whom party literature should not be delivered to” – or is this a Live and Let Die reference…?

  3. Gloy Plopwell says:

    Lib Dems will be in goverment next time with an overal majority and no ned for a coalishion.
    Fabulous, stupendous momentum.

  4. Bin Wastepaper says:

    I think these “Nutters” are very fortunate, as I would dearly like to be on such a list for all political parties, so that none may enter on my property to push their lying pamphlets and fake electoral CVs through my letterbox.

    I reckon that all such literature should be returned to the sender, and in a robust and non-PC society would also include some additional expression to signify disapproval.

  5. Statement of fact I would have thought.
    Having spent many hours delivering leaflets in various constituencies I can guarantee that there are indeed nutters living amongst us.
    Trouble is most of them are Lib Dems.

  6. You forgot to mention that Clair Traynor is a Labour councillor, a fact that the Liverpool Echo unaccountably failed to mention.

  7. Foregone Conclusion says:

    Come on. I’m sure the Labour Party has a list of people it doesn’t deliver leaflets to, canvass, etc. ‘Nutters’ is perhaps too strong (I’d politely call them ‘antis’) but they generally are pretty barking – in my area, that includes UKIP types, assorted fascists, and angry Labourites. These aren’t just people who disagree with our views (goodness knows, there’s more than that many on the average Focus round), they’re people who we don’t want having our leaflets because they’ll (a) complain or (b) they’re the enemy, and we don’t them to know what we’re doing.

  8. Claire Traynor said: “I am really upset because it is a term I find really offensive”

    Funnily enough around here Claire “Labour Councillor” Traynor we find the terms “Labour MP” and “Labour Councillor” offensive 😉

    Poor reporting and just wondering when PSB is going to a) add the words “Labour Councillor” to the picture above and b) report the facts. And you wonder why people don’t trust Labour…

  9. Miriam Purdom says:

    Foregone concusion is so right.
    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
    The Lib Dems always fight good honest campains.

  10. @Miriam Purdom

    “The Lib Dems always fight good honest campains.”

    You’re not serious? You actually believe that?

    Christ… As someone who has been involved in a number of political campaigns, I can say that more often than not it is the Lib Dems who fight dirty, and lower the tone. Activists of all colours would laugh you out of the room if you claimed to them that the Lib Dems were some sort of moral force.

  11. The NHS is in a terrible terrible state.
    Cameron must press on with these changes because anything – anything is better than what we have.

    I had a dreadful experience at an NHS dentist in central London. I was in the chair biting into this gooey stuff to take impressions for dentures and crowns.
    The impression all set, and hardened up, and they couldn’t get it off.
    They wouldn’t tell me what happened, although eventually they said the dental assistant mixed the wrong stuff.

    I tried desperately to argue but couldn’t talk because I was all siezed up with the impression, but they refused to deal with it there and then because there was another NHS appointment due and I’d over run. They said I’d have to come back in a week’s time to get it off.
    I had to go out into the street with it all it stuck, and suffer the humiliation.
    I hate the NHS.

  12. Penelope Pitstop says:

    I think you should get yourself a decent lawyer Justine.
    Sounds like you have a strong case of negligence against your dentist there!

  13. Justine Brown, what the hell are you on about you stupid woman?
    If you’d looked after your teeth you probably wouldn’t need dentures.

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