In a blog post linking to Scrapbook’s viral story from yesterday, the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole has waded into the “pretend disabled” debate — siding with, erm, Rod Liddle and adding an attack on charities for good measure.

Despite his admission that he “recently suffered from an ME-like illness”, Delingpole agrees with Liddle’s sickening rant, singling out the disabled as “one of the reasons we’re in the financial mess we’re in”, neglecting to mention the contribution of the banks on a day when the boss of RBS was given a £900k bonus.

Delingpole misses the point and the reason that Liddle’s article caused such upset- namely the characterisation of ME and fibromyalgia as non-illnesses. Instead, the target of his ire include disabled charities, which he calls a:

“specialist lobby group which considers it its bounden duty to screw the economy for as much as it possibly can.”

Would Delingpole have welcomed Liddle’s bedside manner when he was unwell?

  1. Well, I hope for his sake he doesn’t get his ME back. That would leave him labelled as a scrounger, and the reason that the UK is in such a mess.

  2. From the sewer Camerons prostitutes in the media throw turds at anyone who dares to stand up to their party. We are talking about Torys here, they would skin alive their own grannies and then set them alight if they could get any political profit from it.

  3. Caroline Taleb says:

    The Glasgow Media Group did a study on the media coverage re disability and benefits and found that in the last few years disabled people have increasingly being labeled as benefit scroungers by the press , in the same period disabled people have reported a 75 percent increase in hate crime attacks

  4. Quote : singling out the disabled as “one of the reasons we’re in the financial mess we’re in”, neglecting to mention the contribution of the banks on a day when the boss of RBS was given a £900k bonus. ”un-quote

    Maybe the Government and all politicians should take a major cutback on their pay and save the country Millions in UN_EARNED wages.

    Another Asshole opens his gob and spouts utter shite.

  5. You can all join my facebook group which prmotes the meanstesting of MP’s salaries They should only get paid if they can proove they need the money.

    This is the big society in action, get civic minded all you MP’s…


  6. “specialist lobby group which considers it its bounden duty to screw the economy for as much as it possibly can.”

    Bless, the poor Tory is confused. He means the City and the Bankers.

  7. An ‘ME-like illness’. What the hell is that? How does that compare with someone having the real thing for decades? You know…those people living in literal silence in literal darkness in agony in order ‘to screw the economy for as much as it [they] possibly can’.. What a tool.

  8. Rhys that is utter nonsense. If somebody does a job they should get paid. You or I would expect it, so it should go for everyone else. Sauce for the goose, as they say.

    We need better regulation of how MPs and ministers earn money for outside jobs because since New Labour there have been far too many ex-ministers and senior civil servants moving straight into well-paid jobs in businesses upon which thay had had political influence. We also need to look at how wealth buys influence. Taxpayer funding of political parties, anyone?

  9. do you know something? i voted for mr cameron and his mates, so i feel the need to put in writing my thoughts about him and his government, there seems to be a lot of people slaging david and co off on this site, and i feel i should respond to some of the comments made here in; firstly, the issue of disabled people and thier charities being scroungers, i cant agree with a certain person on this site that said he’s a bit of a twat,David is no such thing, he is in fact “A FUCKING BIG TWAT, WHO ONLY THOUGHT IS FOR HIMSELF” i myself am reg’ disabled after an accident at work ten years ago, i worked for over 30 years and was never out of a job in all that time, i paid my taxes and stamp, if i am a scrounger as that fucking idiot delingpole suggests, WHAT HAPPEND TO THE MANY THOUSANDS OF POUNDS I PAID INTO THE SYSTEM; i tell you where it went, it went into helping politicians get there kids through school, it went on helping to pay our troops during the falklands crisis, the first and second wars in the middle east, to bailing out of countrys in the e.u, to landscaping certain persons gardens, trimming thier hedges and polishing the door knob on the door of no 10, not to mention emigration control or to be more accurate, lack of control, how come people coming into this country get every benefit there is, get nice big houses, and are treated whith more respect than your average Brit, what have they ever paid into the parlimentary coffers, zilch, nada, nowt, nothing, or as my old nan put it,” fuck all”, speaking out makes me a racist according to the law, what then does that make mr poxy delingpole,(sounds like something a nubile lady would dance around) for saying what he did about disabled people, clever? no, prejudiced, most certainly, slanderouse, defintley, he and his kind know that people like myself, and most likely a lot of other disabled on this site are on ltd income and couldn’t afford the costs incurred by court case, he can, coz he’s using the money i paid out in the thirty years i worked, perhaps mr cameron might use some of it to take him down a peg or two, my god, i don’t belive it , six pigs just flew by my window, we need to stand together,or in my case sit, and fight scumbags like these, and we need to do it now, in the words of that great freedom fighter of the seventys citizen smith, power to the people.

  10. I am disabled and on benefits and it makes me so mad when I see disadvantaged people turn on other disadvantaged people, be they the working poor, unemployed, disabled or immigrants, when all of us are in the same boat, we are all treated like non persons by government no matter who is in power. This government especially are doing their level best to divide us and have us attack each other and as a result we take our eyes off the real culprits…them!
    All the marginalised groups in society need to unite against these government policies and the hatred that is being spewed otherwise we fall right into their hands by doing their job for them and we can be easily beaten.
    I stand in solidarity with ALL the groups this government is attacking, if they attack them then I stand with them.

    Let’s fight together to get this greedy elitest mob out of power and not let them divide us.

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