Teeside MP Ian Swales has been stonewalling all requests for comment after a string of shocking remarks by a Liberal Democrat colleague led to a race row. Now we know why.

Swales, who represents Redcar, has appeared on campaign literature proudly supporting the by-election candidate who Scrapbook last week exposed for a series of vile Islamophobic comments on Facebook — spreading false smears about the Muslim community and suggesting a topless bar called “you Mecca me hot” should be built opposite a mosque.

Since Stones’ comments came to light, MP Swales has held an advice surgery, asked a question on the floor of the Commons and posted to his own Facebook page but has refused to address residents’ concerns with his colleague’s views on Muslims.

In contrast with his stony silence over developments in Redcar, the MP seemingly found it much easier to sign an EDM condemning racism in football:

“That this House recognises the excellent work of the anti-racist charity Show Racism the Red Card … with the aim of harnessing the high-profile status of professional footballers as anti-racist role models to combat racism …”

When it comes to his own back yard, however, brave Swales is nowhere to be seen.

Is this the Liberal Democrats’ “zero tolerance” policy on racism in action?

  1. The Liberal Democrats have shown utter contempt for the people of Redcar, Teesside and the rest of the country by their utter silence on this issue of racism and just shows to the general public what sort of a candidate this party allows to stand for public office.

  2. Any news on whether Diane has resigned yet? Oh, forgot, only Labour people are holier than thou.

    btw this is just smarting from the fact that Redcar Lib Dems know how to fight labour and win and won’t take your lies lying down

  3. Bit rich John. And there’s no lies here–at least not from Labour,. The Lib Dems made sickening comments yet still support and campaign for an Islamophobe.

  4. Lies John?

    Stones posted these comments repeatedly on his Facebook page over the course of a year.

    Lib Dems will do well to remember that there’s more to life and politics than winning elections at all costs – there’s respect and decency too. Of which Stones has shown neither in his xenophobic commentary.

    The Lib Dems should have sacked him – but want to win at all cost. Even if that involves sticking by a man who has displayed such abhorrent views.

  5. I’m not saying Mr Stones wasn’t cack-handed in his views – however some of it seemed as if it was about testing out democratic rights. I do think the left should calm down a little – they seem to see offence everywhere.

    Mind you near me there’s a Lab cllr who killed someone when he was an anaesthetist (was evenetually struck off although he tried to resist that fate!) and was so unprofessional that someone had to have her fingers cut off costing the taxpayer half a million. Got any thoughts about that? Bit less of a deal than Mr Stones I’d have thought.

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