Despite the controversy and hype surrounding it, it looks highly likely that Guido Fawkes’ e-petition to restore capital punishment will be struck off due to lack of signatures. Launched in the summer with accompanying coverage in the national media, the right-wing campaign planned to restore hanging as the magical panacea for society’s ills — despite the punishment’s terrible track record.

But almost six months on, the petition is stalled at just over 26,000 signatures. This is more than 70,000 away from the threshold number of 100,000 and languishing behind a petition to keep the ban. With the appeal due to run out of time on Saturday, the ill-fated gambit has almost certainly failed.

It is currently 18th on the site, behind such pressing concerns as:

  • privatise Baroness Thatcher’s state funeral
  • keep Formula 1 racing free on TV
  • ban cash transactions in the scrap metal trade

With delicious irony, today is the 406th anniversary of Guido’s historical namesake being hung, drawn and quartered for high treason.

  1. Isn’t it ‘HANGED, drawn and quartered’? Pedantry aside, I’m glad this silly petition didn’t work. The public should never be allowed to vote in a one-off poll whether to bring back or maintain a ban on hanging. The decision should not be subject to the whimsy of a subset of people who would vote. It needs thought and discussion – lots of it.

  2. Staines usually pops up to defend himself, which I like so I can slag him off, but No! Not this time… perhaps he’s spending time “off line”?

  3. Given the recent record of police corruption in England (and particularly in London), I would think it a very dangerous thing to reintroduce the death penalty.

    It would be an interesting proposal to ensure probity in the police, that any officer or civilian found to have perverted the course of justice in a case where hanging was the outcome, would themselves be hanged.

  4. When I saw the headline GUIDO HANGING PETITION, I thought it was a petition to get that fat pompous berk Guido Fawkes strung-up. Please take more care over your headlines in future and don’t get my hopes up like that again.

  5. I don’t want him hanged drawn and quartered, just reninded of a few inconvenient facts.

    He made a play of being an Irish citizen today at the Leveson enquiry, and was therefore immune to certain laws (!?!!).

    While he is, no doubt, an honoured quest in my country (or welcome in some parts of it), he is thus disquaified from seeking to change its Laws, as I would be from tampering with those of the Republic.

    When I put this to him, his Socratic reply was “Because I can” – but it seems like he couldn’t.

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