While British political geeks remain transfixed by the Republican primary race, it would seem Ed Miliband is eyeing another American contest: the NFL play-offs. Sure to shock many who never had him down as an aficionado of Gridiron, Ed’s comprehensive tweet summary of the New England Patriots- Baltimore Ravens stateside showdown was full of expertise befitting of an armchair supporter:

It will come as a blow to Ed’s football team Leeds United. While, the Labour leader has previously described himself as a “lapsed” follower of the Whites, his commitment to the Massachusetts based Patriots leaves little doubt as to who is the apple of Ed’s eye.

We look forward with interest to Ed’s analysis of the Super Bowl.

[update id=”update1″ time=”11:07″ text=’Apparently Ed became a fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox while his family stayed in Boston during his father’s tenure at Brandeis University.’]

  1. He’s said before he supports the Boston Red Socks. Presumably from when he lived in Boston when his dad taught at MIT and again when he was working at Harvard.

  2. well the patriots were caught blatantly cheating not so long ago and got off with a slap on the wrist … perhaps ed feels a kinship given his party has cheated people out of billions, a country, a future yet take no responsibility for the heII hole they’ve turned this country into.

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