Still on his skiing holiday in Italy, Scrapbook reported yesterday on the bizarre delay in London’s mayor issuing a statement on the Stephen Lawrence trial — but perhaps his previous statements can explain why.

Boris Johnson has stated that the police are the “victims” of the Macpherson report into the murder and claimed that  reforms flowing from the inquiry meant police “were all stuck on racial awareness programmes”. The mayor even called vital evidence given by Lawrence’s best friend Duwayne Brooks, who was with him when he died and is now a councillor in Lewisham, “unreliable”.

In a series of articles for the Telegraph and Spectator from 1999 to 2002, Johnson casts the Lawrence case and the Macpherson report as a left-wing witchhunt against the establishment and police:

“It is an article of faith on the Left that those five, seen on video engaging in racist rants, were guilty, and that only police incompetence failed to nab them. I am not sure how far Macpherson shares that assumption.”

In January 2010, Boris Johnson quit as chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority despite his election manifesto pledge to chair the body which oversees the police in London. The fact of his ambivalence towards difficult policing issues was brought into painful relief last March when he went on a bike-riding photo call with Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of chairing a meeting about the controversial death of a black singer in police custody.

Perhaps Boris should give the residents of Eltham a recap on his views.

  1. Bit misleading to mention the skiing Holdiay as It implies he said those comments now, rather than over 10 years ago, Hus comments that teh police were vicitims were’nt to different to William hagues a couple of years Later that were prasied by the Daily Mail saying that Mcphersonwas A Mccarthyite witchhunt on stalinist proportions

  2. I read the article because of the headline as I was wondering why everybody is beating up on the honourable member for Hackney North or wherever for her flawed attempt to discuss colonialism in 140 characters, and nobody seemed to have noticed that the Mayor had said something so incredibly crass. So JP might have a point there.

  3. Commentisnotfree says:

    Anyone who uses a traffic cone as a funnel to direct their metabolised Bollinger through a shopkeepers letter box is ok by me, har, ha…Boris is dim but nice……not

  4. The link to the Telegraph column in which Johnson called the Met ‘victims’ is broken and takes you to the wrong piece: any chance of fixing it?

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