Prompting laughter from colleagues, the image above captures the moment when local government minister Andrew Stunell was caught in the “no lobby”, seemingly attempting to vote against his own bill in committee stage.

In a Laurel and Hardy-style double act, the red-faced Stunell was ordered by fellow minister Simon Burns not to pass through the lobby, so his vote wouldn’t be counted against the government. Needless to say, MPs at the well-refreshed late night session were heartily amused.

Perhaps he could have followed his colleague Simon Hughes’ courageous and decisive example, voting on both sides at once.

  1. I worked out that, if as the Telegraph says, the bar takings in the Commons were £1.33 million last year, each one of them is responsible for consumption of £2,046 of booze at subsidised prices. At a guess around £3,000 of drink, in a 4 day week, over about 8 months of the year. (

    No wonder they produce such a pile of drivel. If I was drunk at work, I would too.

    Jolly Japes with the minister staggering through the wrong lobby though. You’d think they manage to make an effort at sobriety when they were in charge of the bill.

  2. I’m pretty sure Stunnell is tee-total. Plus a lot more people drink in those bars than just MPs. The subsidy is not justified though.

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