Politicos were left bemused earlier when Diane Abbott, facing the media for the first time over her unwise race remarks, interrupted a live interview with Sky News to answer her mobile phone. Paul Waugh has revealed the phone call was from none other than Ed Miliband, with Labour sources claiming the Hackney MP was given “a severe dressing down”:

This must surely be the first time a leader’s “hairdryer treatment” phone call to a front bencher has been caught on camera.

  1. It was stupid to tweet something which was so clearly going to be controversial. If she did mean it in the context of 19th century colonialism, I don’t doubt that she was right. But without making that clear (which I understand she couldn’t do in a tweet) she’d have better kept her fingers still. The trouble is that people never think of the potential consequences of what they “say”, before they “sat” it.

    If you’re me, that doesn’t matter much. If you’re a politician, it does.

  2. monkdwallydhonk says:

    Don’t let’s make excuses for this. It was a complete own goal, handing the right wing press and blogs an absolute gift. If she’d just tweeted “those in power” or “historically, most governments” instead of “white people”, she’d have still made her (correct) point and avoided this stupid attention.

  3. I doubt Dianne Abbott is a racist. But what she said IS racist. And she does herself no credit by refusing to apologise properly. Saying sorry followed by “but the people who are offended don’t understand what I was saying” is NOT an apology.

  4. Well, to be fair, who remembers when politicalscrapbook posted about that Lib Dem councillor before or so where someone said something similar about black people and everyone was calling for them to resign as it was said by a white person. Anyone remember this story????

  5. She is a racist, and always has been. She does more damage to the left than Blair ever could.
    We need to get rid of her from being the most prominent black leader in this country, and lets be clear there are far better candidates for that position. Out-with the London centric she is a massive vote loser for the party. Stop supporting her, it makes us all look stupid. Wake up people!

  6. I’m white as fuck and I think Diane Abbott can say what she likes about white people. It’s not really on the same level as a white person making unkind generalizations about black people, for reasons of the dominant power structure and other socio-political factors which would take a whole book to explain properly, even if I were qualified to do so. I’m going to bed instead, so you’ll have to go to the library.

  7. She’s a very silly woman with a big mouth and a chip on her shoulder. She is where she is today because of her big mouth. Of course she is racist. If a white MP said this about black people (forget the colonial cover up story) they would be strung up. If she knew there were only 140 characters than why choose those words? She should be sacked.

  8. Mark Deacon says:

    Of course she’s a ‘racist’. Is it her fault that black people know who they are and fight their corner, or that white people are cowards and do not? Phrases like ‘white trash’ are part of common usage because white people don’t object. Use ‘black trash’ in conversation. See what happens. There shouldn’t be any difference in response, but everyone reading this knows it will be whitey who rings the police/BBC/ newspapers. People of sound genetic inheritance KNOW who they are. The botched and the mixed, compromised by multiracialism and cross-breeding (mainly weak-minded white females looking for approval), don’t have a clue. It’s his material pleasures the white man fights to preserve, nothing else, and he will sell his family before losing those. The best part of this affair is listening to self-hating liberals defend Abbott for the one reason they like to pretend has nothing to do with it – her skin colour. QED. I shan’t be alive in thirty years. Then descendants of the people who built this country will be in the minority and realizing what it means to have no home. They will spit on their parents’ graves and on their memories for this betrayal.

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