To paraphrase Brian Clough, Scrapbook wouldn’t say that Piers Morgan is the most arrogant man in the media, but he is in the top one. Appearing via video link from America, where he presents his ratings kryptonite Piers Morgan Tonight, Morgan squirmed as Leveson Inquiry legal counsel probed the former tabloid editor — memorably using his own memoirs against him.

It seems that Morgan’s career at the News of the World and Daily Mirror was somewhat less memorable, however, with questions met with a wall of Coulson/Murdoch-esque “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember”.

One of the few areas in which Morgan stuck his head above the parapet was that of “bin-ology”, Fleet Street speak for rifling through celebrities’ domestic waste. Morgan attempted to defend obtaining Elton John’s bank statements in this manner, claiming that the contents of wheelie bins “are not owned by anyone”.

Morgan: You can’t go to rubbish tips?
Who owns “discarded” rubbish.
It’s not owned by anyone.
Yes, it is – the council.

Scrapbook is confident who the Royal Boroughs of Kensington and Windsor & Maidenhead (where Elton John has lived) will agree with.

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