Jason Wong, a candidate for student elections at LSE whose campaign featured shocking sexism and misogyny, has issued an apology after deliberately offensive posters caused red faces at the university.

Wong’s campaign featured a number of sexist campaign posters, including one promising toaster in student halls because “Girls love cooking and love to be in the kitchen” and another promising to cut cleaners’ wages featuring a model dressed (barely) in a maid outfit with the slogan “She can clean my toilet for £12”.

In a letter published on campus, he said:

“I have since then met with the Dean and apologised to her both for the campaign adverts posted and the associated reputational damage it has caused the university. I would like to extend my apology to the school board, including the Director. I have also met personally with the Women’s Officer to offer my apology.”

Call us cynics, but Wong didn’t seem so quite as contrite when he was first hauled before union officers:

Getting sacked from his internship in the intervening period certainly seems to have focused his mind.

  1. Depressingly, he’s probably go a bright future in advertising – He’s astutely realised that quality is nothing; shock is everything.

  2. All sexist jokes aside, I am suing LSE’s Gender Institute for its curriculum’s use of sex-discriminatory learning materials, systematically blaming men for women’s issues, in order to justify ignoring men’s equality debates. Recommending ‘Men bad, women good’ types of biased thinking. 100 times more malicious than Wong’s jokes.

    All those interested in eradicating sexist indoctrination at LSE, should go to website sexismbusters, read the articles, listen to the interviews, watch the video exposing man-hatred from LSE’s students, and donate to the legal fighting fund.

    A court date has now been set for February 14th.

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