After Aidan Burley, the MP at the centre of a Nazi-themed stag party scandal, was finally sacked by David Cameron, he probably thought his problems were coming to an end. But today, the leader of Cannock Chase council has called for him to resign from the House of Commons too.

Cllr George Adamson told the local Express and Star:

“I think it’s pretty disgusting and he has brought disgrace to Cannock Chase and I think he should resign as the MP. He said he didn’t know anything about the Nazi uniform in advance, and now it looks obvious he knew about it in advance”

Cllr Adamson joins an increasing list of people and bodies heavily critical of Burley since the first revelations of the party in the Mail on Sunday, over a week ago. The Board of Deputies of British Jewry, the Holocaust Educational Trust and politicians across the political spectrum have all slammed Burley, with the Jewish Chronicle calling for his head.

Given that evidence has now emerged suggesting that Burley may have lied about prior knowledge of the Nazi theme, he is likely to find such criticisms intensifying. His mealy-mouthed apologies couldn’t save his government job, as his friend David Cameron was forced to sack him when his story started to unravel.

Having only secured his seat on a huge swing, how long until his local party consider Burley enough of a liability to deselect him?

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