Laurie Penny’s gonzo account of a UK Uncut protest against Vodafone was littered with her characteristic impassioned quotes from activists:

“I have a friend with five kids, her youngest is eight months, and they’ve just taken away her benefits, and now you’re telling me they let Vodafone off six billion? How’s she going to look after her baby now?”

And it seems the £90bn telecoms giant and doyen of tax avoidance is once again on the receiving end of this moral indignation — owing to the great injustice of, err, cutting Laurie Penny’s Vodafone mobile phone off:

As the domain of parody becomes a small speck on the horizon, please allow Scrapbook to paraphrase:

“First the tax dodging and support for despots … and then they cut off my mobile!”

  1. Well yeah, they lock people in to long contracts and there are few alternatives, kind of like New Labour. Giffgaff has been a good provider for me though.

    What’s next, you lose your left wing membership card if you have a bank account with anybody except the co-op or the Real IRA?

  2. Robin Pollard says:

    Funniest thing about this story is that Penny was still prepared to give Vodafone her money despite being so outraged by their behaviour.

  3. As Laurie Penny mentions, she is tied into a 2 year contract.

    And what mobile phone providers are ethical? I don’t like mine, but where else can I go?

    @Robin Pollard

    How do you know she didn’t sign up before Vodaphone’s tax avoidance story broke? It’s quite likely this is the case.

  4. Hold on a minute! What’s worse, companies indulging in {ahem…} tax avoidance measures or the civil servants who tacitally condone these actions.

  5. Yes, ha ha, let’s all laugh at the silly woman being silly, and miss the real story here… shouldn’t the protests about Vodafone’s tax avoidance be the headline? Or the fact that the Parliamentary accounts committee is considering claims that their sweetheart deal with HMRC may have been illegal?

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