It is common knowledge how seriously US right wingers take their nations constitution, and now Fox News have hit upon a novel way to use it to rally their viewers to a cause: make a new section up themselves!

In coverage of an ongoing legal row over whether US Supreme Court justice should recuse herself from a case on the constitutionality of Obama’s healthcare reforms (Fox reckon liberal Elena Kagan will vote in favour of the measures), that bastion of journalistic “fairness and balance” invoked the following in support of their argument:

“US Constitution, Article 28, Sec. 114”

This is of particular historical and political significance, since up until now the US Constitution has only had seven articles, with the longest having ten sections and none of the language quoted above.

Scholars must be queuing up outside Fox’s offices to see their amazing new discovery.

  1. It seems like they mean to refer to the US Code, which has a Title 28, Section 144, and which is indeed on bias or prejudice of a judge. Except that if they are, they’ve still made up the quote, since the words they’ve written don’t appear in that section.

  2. I think you should probably be a bit “fair and balanced” here. That’s clearly a cock-up by their titles guy who should have put US Code (often abbreviated to USC and mistaken for United States Constitution).

    Not everything that Fox does is a conspiracy – they could just be shit at their jobs.

  3. Mainstream media, since they are owned by the same oligarchy of banksters and big corporate monopolies that rule your representatives through special interest bribes, allow the politicians to lie and then vouch for them.

    The double speak rules and the dumbed down debt slave turns on the TV ‘news’ to be assured that war is peace, your rights are wrong and the president said everything is gonna be ok once we borrow ourselves into prosperity.

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