As previously covered on Scrapbook, tales of Aidan Burley MP’s dubious antics at university abound. But he appears to have outdone himself on a recent stag do in France. The Mail on Sunday has the career-ruining scoop.

  • Video shows Tory MP Aidan Burley’s friend glorifying ideology of the Nazis
  • Another friend dressed as SS guard in crowded French restaurant
  • MP’s said he high-fives Cameron and is “candidate for Berlin East”
  • Wearing Nazi uniform is criminal offence under French law

The French police have confirmed that an investigation could be launched:

“Anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi crimes are taken extremely seriously in France. Anyone suspected of breaking the law in this respect can and will be prosecuted.”

Securing the Cannock Chase seat with one of the biggest swings to the Tories at the last election, Burley was not subject to the same scrutiny as his cohorts in the 2010 intake.

The man is a walking, talking liability.

  1. Nasty little man and he keeps bad company.

    I wonder what the French authorities will do, and if they do something, I wonder if the xenophobes here will cry “foul, the French just hate the English Tories.”

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