News International today savoured revenge on Vince Cable in the form of The Sun’s attack on the business secretary for dumping unshredded personal documents outside of his constituency office. Approached for comment yesterday, Scrapbook wonders whether Vince’s team recalled their own high-horsery over data security.

Laying the blame for the loss of 25 million tax records personally with Gordon Brown, Cable was apparently fond of delivering lectures on how to safeguard people’s personal information throughout 2007 and 2008:

“If data and valuable information is consistently lost or stolen or abused the public completely lose confidence in government in general at all levels.”

And again in the Commons:

“Is there not a growing diversity of data breach, involving not merely CDs, but memory sticks, laptops and paper files, and a growing variety of places where these things are lost, including on trains, in backs of cars and in bars?”

Or, indeed, left outside of MPs’ offices.

Destined to languish on opposition benches with the rest of the Liberal Democrats, what a relief that Vince will never be the custodian of sensitive Whitehall data. Oh, wait …

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