Days after Tories at St Andrews University were exposed for burning effigies of Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, members of Conservative Future continue to disgrace themselves. A Tory candidate in student election at LSE has now outraged campus with deliberately misogynistic campaign posters.

The poorly judged attempts at laddish “humour”, which are available on the Facebook campaign site of Jason Wong, include a pledge to provide easy access to toasters for women staying in student halls because :

“Girls love cooking and love to be in the kitchen … The bread isn’t going to toast itself”

Meanwhile, a campaign pledge to slash the wages of cleaners at the university is accompanied by a picture of a PVC-clad model posing with a vacuum cleaner and the text:

“She can clean my toilet for £12”

This is by no means LSE’s only recent episode of controversy on the sexism front. Two students were recently driven into hiding after penning a campus newspaper column musing on the violent rape of women, in which it was suggested that a reader should punch his girlfriend on the back of the head during sex.

Yet another low point.

UPDATE: Unrepentant, he has now been hauled in front of LSE union officials.

  1. Carlos Fandango says:

    Get used to paying for it sonny, being a Tory AND looking that much of a twat…means you’ll be paying allll the way.

  2. Did you read the bit on the comments where he wrote “you’re discounting the fact that my posters attracting the lesbian vote too!”

    Totally wrong and his governing body, be it the University or SU should step in and bury this campaign.

  3. And, if challenged, the perpetrators would claim they were only joking and didn’t those angered and offended have a sense of humour.

    What puzzles me is how such moronic and hateful little turds managed to become accepted as students at reputable institutions like St. Andrews and the LSE.

  4. To the person above, he has also deleted a lot of negative comments from the facebook page, including a response he wrote to a lesbian who had said he definately didn’t have her vote — his response was ‘well you are not a proper lesbian then, because if you were you would definately just be turned on by the photo’. Or something to that effect… Such an idiot. There is something profoundly wrong with this institution. Does anyone know, did Dominique Strauss-Khan also go to LSE?

  5. Glad I don’t live in or near London, the risk of bumping into him (although tiny) would be to large. Frankly I don’t fancy the prison sentence such an encounter would result in.

  6. I can’t believe he genuinely thinks this is wit of the highest form!It’s not even a decent stab at misogyny; more like petty jabs of the “I’ve never had a girlfriend” kind.

  7. LSE student 2 says:

    Just to clarify this student is running for a student elected post in one of the LSE’s Halls of residence as a committee member (not exactly the Director of the LSE) and rest assured – he is receiving very little support! Suprising? No.

  8. LSE Student. 3 says:

    This is at a halls of residence, the LSESU has no authority over this, though I am informed the Gen Sec will be encouraging him to give up his campaign…

  9. bruce baillie says:

    The idiocy of people like this staggers me! And he’s running a campaign to slash the wages of the University cleaners? That REALLY riles me as my wife works very hard as a cleaner and is always coming across vaccuuous twats like this who think jsut because someone works at a job like that they are fair game to be taken advantage of. I’d like him to be locked in a room with her for 15 minutes she’d give his arse a damned good kicking!

  10. bruce baillie says:

    …Oh and by the way, I’d love to clean his toilet for him, by grabbing him by his scrawny little neck and using his head as a brush!

  11. My God, this is a campaign for treasurer at a hall of residence, and has absolutely nothing to do with the LSE as an institution. This is the result of a misunderstood campaign slogan that Wong has now turned into a joke-campaign to attract attention.

    “And, if challenged, the perpetrators would claim they were only joking and didn’t those angered and offended have a sense of humour” – he was… It is a pathetic attempt, and the entire hall mocks this guy. But it was still a joke that has been pushed too far. Now this guy may have no sense of where to stop, but he is not as stupid to intentionally jeopardise his whole campaign by offending women. He has done it – because of idiocy, not because of misogynism.

    Why Wong is a Tory is entirely unclear… because he is at LSE? Good to know that the institution will stand still on Wednesday as a result of the not-very-Tory “teach-out.”

    If some parochial idiots would maybe get their news from proper sources, or find something better to do than search for random anti-establishment shit on the internet, the world would be helped alot more!

  12. Who else gets the impression the one ‘like’ on his fb comment was probably done by himself? Truly one of the saddest little sexist idiots I have ever heard of, I think we can all take comfort in the fact that he probably tearfully wanks himself to sleep every night.

  13. @ LSE 3

    “he is not as stupid to intentionally jeopardise his whole campaign by offending women. He has done it – because of idiocy, not because of misogynism.”

    That’s odd, because he appears to have jeopardised his whole campaign by offending women with a misogynist poster. But you carry on telling everyone how they’ve got it all wrong, David Icke. Only you can know his true mind! Only you are capable of analysing his motives correctly! Only you realise that it is like completely and totally impossible for something to be idiotic AND misogynistic AT THE SAME TIME! Because… because… well, YOU say so!

  14. @Finisterre

    It was between the residents of the halls, it was a bit of banter and he was not being serious I hope anyway. Everyone I know in the halls thinks the whole thing is pretty funny rather than think that he is a misogynist.

    @ the article writer

    I don’t see how him being conservative (btw he doesn’t even support the current conservatives) has anything to do with this other than promoting the left wing bias of this site

  15. I’m don’t think he’s misogynist per se, though of course what he is saying is misogynistic. Lets be honest, he’s just being a little shit trying to attract attention, because he’s a 5 year old in the body of a responsible adult, and because he can pretend that really it’s intentionally “ironic” and therefore perfectly ok.

    I think the remedy for these kinds of things is that they (hopefully) stay on fb or nice and high on google for a bit. Just long enough so the recruitment people find them when he applies for jobs in a year or so in this godforsaken economy and decide to file the cv in the nearest bin. That, and the fact that he’ll clearly be devoid of female attention til he realises what a tit acting like this this makes him look.

    I’m sure the majority of the LSE students and staff and the LSE as an institution (and its student union) are perfectly sensible human beings, so lets not get ourselves wound up about it. Though there is a reasonable point that the various conservative university societies are batshit crazy, I’m sure that’s not unique to the LSE.

  16. This spoonfed little creep probably has some kind of anal fixation going back to when nanny used to wipe his bum…(when he was 16), and the idea of women cleaning his toilet gaves him some feeling of power, I find the whole thing really weird, if in his sad little mind this campaign will turn women on as he seems to suggest in his footnote, go back and sit on Mummys knee you sad little twerp

  17. @ Finisterre…

    No not because I say so. Because I was involved in his campaign in the first second and have watched the first thing progress. And because I know of the reception at Bankside.

    But if he is a misogynist because the political scrapbook author KNOWS it, having probably never met the guy (or you for that matter)… Sure!

    But thanks for the David Icke comment, that just made my day, honestly!

  18. As someone who was posting/reading as the convos went down on fb, it was all a joke. in all actuality, he might just get the swing/joke vote and win! He’s a really nice guy. leave him alone

  19. Bankside Resident says:

    Please just leave Wong alone. Yes it was a stupid campaign gimmick, and no, I did not support his sad lack of judgement, but I think all these articles are a little harsh. It was a silly joke that he took to far, and none of us who actually live at Bankside took him seriously. It should have never gone this far in the first place, and I don’t know why everyone is making this a way bigger issue than it really was

  20. Bankside Resident says:

    Looking at these particular parts of his campaign makes it look worse than it is.. it was clearly a joke and one hes apologised for publicly so there isn’t really anything else he can do! Also no-one in Bankside took it seriously as the whole campaign has been pretty controversial, and Jason probably didn’t expect it to get into the news where it could be interpreted in a completely different way to those actually involved in the elections! Quite unfair that his reputation has been affected when he isn’t actually sexist…

  21. Bankside resident says:

    Wong was not a “Tory candidate”. The role of treasurer has very little to do with political ideology at all, ipso facto think what you like of Jason Wong but do not use this story as ammunition to hurl at the conservatives

  22. You specimens crying in the posts above are outright pathetic. Yeh he made a picture of a girl cleaning toilets or w/e, and? Are you afraid she’s gonna steal the only job that cockjockeys like you can hope to get?

    You look like a bunch of parrots spitting out lefty “politically correct” garbage, like broken machines. Is that astonishing level of shameless stupidity the result of the trashy upbringing and “education” that you got, or does it come naturally?

    I think I saw some clown saying Wong made that picture cause he “lacks woman attention”? Lmfao, odds are most of you cock suckers will remain virgins till your mid 40s. Judging by your laughable ranting, it’s pretty clear that you’re that type of average UK losers whose only career “aspirations” are to work some shitty admin job and slowly pay off the huge debt you acquired while studying a shit degree at some 2nd hand uni.

    Obviously, when you’re some ugly, poor, boring, futureless loser, I can understand why your only way of getting some “woman attention” is to be an ass-kisser and hope that some fat cow will eventually look at you.

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