It seems proto-dictatorship has never been so sexy. An election advert for the United Russia party led by Vladimir Putin shows a young couple “sharing” a voting booth in what may not be an altogether wholesome fashion.

The video echoes a similar campaign spot from young Socialists in Catalonia, which depicted a woman reaching climax as she cast her vote in regional elections.

The reality of a blank ballot paper and stubby little voting pencil will only leave hormonal young voters frustrated.

  1. Many public sector companies in Russia require their workers to vote the proper party. Usually they are expected to take a photo of the ballot with a check mark put on the right line, but this time they might be just overseeing them right in the booths.

    So that advert might be actually a manual rather than a (stolen) joke.

  2. It’s just a, uh, youth-oriented advert for elections, it doesn’t at any point endorse United Russia (although the logo does feature in the corner at the end).

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