With Remembrance Sunday observed, last week the residents of Worthing took the opportunity to honour some of our forgotten winged-allies who helped Britain through some of its darkest days, holding a memorial service for pigeons.

Mobilised by a bird-loving local resident, Worthing remembered the homing birds who played a pivotal role in defeating our German foes. Now into its fifth year, the unique memorial service remembers those members of the Columbidae family who carried messages and explosives during WWI and WWII.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to those pigeons, because they did so much and saved many lives. There were so many of them. It wasn’t their war and the sound was terrible for them, but they did their jobs.”

With the ongoing Eurozone crisis bringing wartime metaphors back to the pages of our middle market tabloids, how long before (in the imaginations of Express and Mail journalists) our winged-allies will need to step up to fight for Queen and country again.

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