Support for the Liberal Democrats is plummeting faster than the value of Greek bonds, with just three percent of 18-24 year olds saying they would vote for the party. The results from YouGov depict a vertiginous decline in popularity amongst university age voters since the party decided to embrace the Conservatives. In April 2010 36 percent would have backed Clegg.

The party may yet resort to bribing young people to support them when the pollsters ring.

About £9,000 should do it.

  1. Richard Dawson says:

    and a corresponding rise in the proportion of older middle class voter especially in South East.
    18-24 year old have only themselves to blame as they were the group who said they were going to vote (witness the polls the week before) and guess what as with every election they didnt.Had they voted the Lib Dems would have had more seats and more negotiating power re the Tuition Fees Labour introduced and the Tories wanted to increase.

  2. Bollocks Richard. Not only was the turnout amongst that group higher in 2010, but record numbers voted for you – meaning that as a demographic of those voting Liberal Democrat, you owed disproportionate loyalty to them.

    So by middle-class, am assuming you mean someone on the median income of £21k p/a then, or is this a continued snobbery on analysis of Britain’s too class makeup as usual then?

    Whether the sample is large enough is a good questions, but as ever – you weren’t intelligent enough to pick up on it. Pity.

  3. UK Polling Report has pretty completely demolished this spurious claim – the margin of error on that number is 11%. So they could be at 0% or as high as 14% among young voters.

  4. So, any chance that PoliticalScrapbook is going to start reporting poll results accurately or is it going to keep on displaying willful ignorant of error margins and other basic mathematical concepts?

    *reads headline*

    I’ll take that as a no then,

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