“Are they on benefit?”: A throng of protesters outside Oxfordshire County Hall yesterday found Tory council leader Keith Mitchell in uncharitable mood:

It surprises Scrapbook that Mitchell would be in any doubt about the employment status of those protesting outside — given that a number of them were fired from their jobs as part of a programme of cuts led by, erm, Cllr Keith Mitchell.

Oxfordshire County Council has withdrawn funding for 13 of its youth centres, using David Cameron’s “Big Society” as cover for a cut of almost £1.5m to youth services.

Having fired 35 professional youth workers and made them re-apply for a smaller number of posts, it is instructive to see a council leader treat his authority’s own employees with such contempt.

The Keith Mitchell way: sack people and then abuse them on Twitter.

  1. I am so sick of this bloody country!!! Teacher’s abusing kids on FB, calling them thick inbreeds, they’re obviously really poor at their jobs if they’re unable to get them to engage with the subject. The country’s legislation being made by fraudulent MP’s who have been thieving from taxpayers for years and ,lets face it, very few were brought to book, while encouraging judged to hand out custodial sentences to looters who took precious little, two left shoes???, gang culture growing because these same people are unwilling to accept the responsibility for ruining young peoples’ futures but they’re ok Jack, their nests are well and truly feathered, NHS in tatters through cuts, education the same but we could crawl up the Yanks’ asses and drop bombs at £500,000 a piece on people we have no real argument with, on the basis of a lie when it came to Iraq. Too much money and power in too few hand!! Beam me up, Scotty!!!

  2. I was one of them. I was one of them accused by KRM’s lap dogs of using young people because a young person exercised their right to protest. This tory led council cannot accept criticism without claiming conspiracy. I was once a proud youth worker.
    “We will be judged by our decisions” – the only thing the council has said that I agree with.

  3. He really is quite a horrible man. I know several councillors in Oxfordshire of all political hues, and he is almost as unpopular as Pickles. The youth service cuts are typical of this idiots agenda; he seems quite unaware of the long term socio-economic impact of his cuts. The people who will most be effected by the cuts are those who are most likely to enter a life of petty crime, which will ruin their lives, their victims lives and ultimately will cost the taxpayer far more than the £1.5million saved.
    @ stewartsetter – the majority of councillors across our local government are conscientious representatives of their communities. Unfortunately, they get little or no media coverage or acknowledgement in the community for the work they do.
    @ Tris – the division represented by Mitchell would elect a TB riddled badger if it wore a blue rosette. He has a huge majority.

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